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Cindy Weber is a licensed Audiologist who has been providing exceptional hearing services for the past 17 years. Alutiiq Hearing Services proudly offers a full range of diagnostic and preventative hearing healthcare services, including hearing aid evaluation and options, hearing aid sales, tinnitus treatment, hearing aid cleaning/servicing and comprehensive hearing tests and hearing screenings Anchorage residents can trust. We are dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in the hearing care industry and are committed to offering the most current options to our patients.

Alutiiq Hearing Services offers the latest in hearing aid technology and services, including:

Hearing Testing in Anchorage, Alaska with Alutiiq Hearing Services
•    Comprehensive Hearing Testing
•    Hearing Loss Treatment
•    Customized Fitting of State-of-the-Art Hearing Aids
•    In-Office Hearing Aid Repairs
•    Hearing Aid Batteries available for purchase
•    Hearing Aid Accessories
•    Wireless, Bluetooth Hearing Aids
•    Always Custom-Fit to YOUR needs at a price you can afford!

We offer a full selection of state-of-the-art hearing aid devices include manufacturers such as Oticon, Rexton, Siemens, GN ReSound, Widex, Phonak, Starkey, Unitron and more.

Have questions about a certain make and model? Give us a call at (907) 538-3655. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Hearing Testing in Anchorage


The hearing test includes a comprehensive evaluation of pure tone thresholds, speech testing and middle ear testing if needed. The results will give a clear picture of your hearing and help determine the best solution for you.


During this one hour appointment, your new hearing aid will be personalized to fit your hearing loss using the latest in technology. The audiologist will teach you how to use and care for your new hearing aid and ensure that it fits comfortably and you feel confident using the hearing device.



Our professional staff is well trained to evaluate broken or damaged hearing aids. Some repairs can be done in the office but many may need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Our staff will be able to let you know what that cost may be. Read more about Alutiiq hearing aid repair services.




Tinnitus is a very common problem affecting 44 million Americans. Problem tinnitus (also known as ‘ringing in the ears’) is the frequent experience of bothersome sound that other people cannot hear. An audiological evaluation is an important part of tinnitus assessment. We can provide relief and help manage this condition.


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Do you have difficulty sleeping at night? Do your ears hurt when you fly? Are you prone to swimmer’s ear? Do you attend noisy events or enjoy hunting? Earplugs must fit properly and be worn correctly in order to do the job. Let our professionals fit you with earplugs that are suitable for your specific needs.

Do you have difficulty hearing speech in noise? Do people seem to mumble?

Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves? Take our short hearing quiz now.
Hearing Testing Anchorage, Alaska

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Latest Digital Technology

All aids fit by a licensed Audiologist

2 year warranty on all aids purchased

Competitive Hearing Aid Pricing

Custom Hearing Protection and Musicians Ear Plugs


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Preferred network provider for Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of ALASKA as of September 3, 2015

Alutiiq Hearing Services in now located at 6407 Brayton Drive, Suite 104 Anchorage, Alaska 99507

Alutiiq Hearing Services is now located at 6407 Brayton Drive, Suite 104 Anchorage, Alaska 99507

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