Hearing Aids


Alutiiq Hearing Services is proud to offer the widest range of hearing aid services you will find in Alaska. We love restoring the confidence and quality of life that hearing loss often takes away. We are eager to help people though out Alaska find the peace of mind of having your hearing back!

Our Audiologist is an expert in all of the latest hearing technology and has studied for many years to provide the highest quality Anchorage Audiology services in hearing healthcare.

Below you'll find a selection of available hearing aids with various features. If needed, Alutiiq Hearing Services can recommend an adaptive listening device that suits your needs and budget, and some models are available for in-office trial and testing. Costs range from very basic hearing aid to the most advanced and feature-rich devices. Please call for actual pricing. Hearing aids may or may not be covered by your medical insurance plan. Alutiiq Hearing Services will perform insurance billing and/or explain your payment options.

Don't let your hearing fade; try hearing aids today.

Professional Hearing Aid Repairs

Is your hearing aid malfunctioning? Bring it to Alutiiq Hearing Services for professional hearing aid repairs performed by an Alaskan Audiologist. Our team is experienced at repairing all makes and models of hearing aids, regardless of the age of the device. Most repairs can be performed while you wait. Should your device require a little more time, we will handle sending them off to the manufacturer for the appropriate fix. If your hearing aid is not working as it should, give our office a call at (907)538-3655.

Anchorage Hearing Aid Services

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Did you know?

Inexpensive "hearing aids" like the ones you might find in a department store are not true hearing aids at all. They're simply small amplifiers, making all frequencies of sound LOUDER. Amplifying all sound may in fact cause damage to areas of your hearing that didn't require amplification, not to mention make it near impossible to hear your companion speaking in or near groups of other people. A good hearing aid will improve the area of your hearing that needs it while filtering out background noise. Also, today's advanced hearing aids communicate between the left aid and the right to help improve your recognition of which direction a sound came from.