Phonak hearing aid in Anchorage?

Looking for a/an Phonak hearing aid in Anchorage?

Alutiiq Hearing Services in Anchorage, Alaska can help you wade through all the latest in hearing aid technology to find the right hearing aid for you. Whether it’s a Phonak hearing aid or another brand, Audiologist Cindy Weber will ensure that your new hearing aid has the best sound quality, reliability, ease of fit, aesthetics, connectivity, battery life and the best value for your money.

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Phonak hearing aids in Anchorage, AK
phonak hearing aids in anchoage alaska
Phonak Hearing Aid Repairs
Phonak hearing aid in Anchorage

Alutiiq Hearing Services is located at 6407 Brayton Drive, Suite 104 Anchorage, Alaska

Alutiiq Hearing Services specializes in Phonak Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests, Hearing Aid Consultation and Selection, Earmold Impressions, Hearing Aid Fitting and Orientation, Ongoing Hearing Aid Programming Adjustments, Hearing Aid Cleaning, and In-House Hearing Aid Repair Services.